Diplomatic Row Between The Netherlands and Turkey Escalates

Tensions continue to grow between NATO allies Turkey and the Netherlands on Sunday as a Turkish minister was escorted out of the country less than a day after Turkey’s foreign minister was denied entry, prompting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to call the Dutch “Nazi remnants.” Read more

Dutch Jewish Teacher Arrested In Tel Aviv on Amsterdam Sex Charges

A Dutch Jewish teacher suspected of sexually abusing children has been arrested in Tel Aviv earlier this week, two years after the Netherlands asked for his extradition, the Dutch Telegraaf reported on Thursday. Read more

Dutch Try and Fail To Stop Export of K9 Dogs To Israel

The government in the Netherlands attempted to ban the export of dogs to Israel, claiming that the IDF uses them as “weapons,” but was unable to find a legal means to do so. Read more

Netherlands – Anti-Semitic Vandals Attack Jewish Home

AMSTERDAM — The Amsterdam home of a Jewish family was vandalized by assailants who shouted “Cancer Jews” and “Free Palestine.” Read more

Dutch Chief Rabbi Says Police Warned Him A Year Ago About Traveling By Train

Dutch authorities advised Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs to avoid traveling in international trains last year. Read more

Dutch Supreme Court: Extradite Sex-Offender Rabbi To Israel

Overturning an appeal on a local court ruling in February, the Dutch Supreme Court on Tuesday authorized the extradition of the leader of a Jewish hassidic sect wanted in Israel for alleged indecent assault of women and girls. Read more