The First Haredi Female El-Al Pilot

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took off this afternoon to Thessaloniki for a trilateral summit meeting with Greek and Cypriot leaders. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Man Holds Up Plane Over TV Screens

A plane was delayed for over an hour on Thursday when an ultra-Orthodox man complained about a movie shown on the screen and refused to take his seat. Read more

El Al: If Pilots Quit, All Flights Will Be Grounded

The ongoing labor dispute at El Al has yet to end, and the airline has now issued a warning that the pilots’ resignation may lead to the grounding of all its planes. Read more

Passengers Stranded After El Al Pilots Don’t Show Up

Hundreds of El Al passengers were stranded Sunday night after their pilots failed to show up and the flight was canceled. Read more

Bomb Threat on El Al Plane Scrambles Swiss Fighter Jets

Swiss media report that the local air force escorted an El-Al plane after receiving notice of a bomb threat aboard the jet. The flight was traveling from New York to Tel Aviv. Read more

Sex Offender Yoel Oberlander Abuses Sleeping Woman On El Al Flight From Tel Aviv to Newark

A New York man was charged Friday with sexually abusing a woman on an overnight El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Newark last month, NJ.Com reported, repeatedly placing his hand on her thigh and breast as she attempted to sleep.  Read more

El Al Sued For Discrimination

An 81-year-old woman from Jerusalem may set a legal precedent regarding religiously-motivated gender segregation in Israel’s public spaces. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Man Goes Berserk On EL AL Flight Over ‘Immodest Movie’

An Israeli passenger responded violently on an EL AL plane from Poland on Wednesday over what he said was an “immodest movie” that was playing on the in-flight entertainment system, Channel 2 reported. Read more

Support-Israel Credit Card Co. Sues El Al For $21 million

HAS Advantage – known as the first-ever credit card that enables users to simultaneously support Israel-related charities with their purchases – is suing El Al Israel Airlines for nearly $21 million. Read more

El Al Shuts Movie Mid-flight So As ‘Not to Annoy’ Ultra-Orthodox Passengers

El Al has promised to look into an incident on a recent flight in which the in-flight movie was stopped after about 20 minutes and the screens folded back in deference to the feelings of the ultra-Orthodox passengers on board. Read more