Israel Police Commissioner: Police Fraud Unit 443 Can ‘Make Governments and Bring Them Down,’

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich said on Friday that the National Fraud Unit would continue doing its work “without looking left or right,” despite the “bashing it receives from all sides.” Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Hints At Evidence About Senior Police Death

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto made a series of strange remarks about the suicide of former National Fraud Unit chief Brig. Gen. Ephraim Bracha last week, seemingly stating to his followers that he had further evidence surrounding the circumstances of Bracha’s death. Read more

Mystery Deepens In Senior Police Officer’s Suicide Ephraim Bracha

The Israel Police are scrambling to find Brig. Gen. Ephraim Bracha’s cell phone, an investigator stated Sunday morning, just days after the head of the National Fraud Unit was found lifeless in his vehicle with a shot to the heart. Read more

ימיו האחרונים של אפרים ברכה: תחנונים לגיבוי ובדיקה סמויה מעוררת תהיות

קצין המשטרה שהפנה עורף לרבו הנערץ מצא עצמו עומד מול כוחות רבי עוצמה שביקשו להשחיר את דמותו, וחש שאינו זוכה לתמיכה הראויה. גם לאחר שהמועקה הכריעה אותו, חשבון הנפש מבושש לבוא Read more

Israeli Top Cop Who Committed Suicide Laid To Rest

Ephraim Bracha, head of the Israel Police National Fraud Investigation Unit who committed suicide on Sunday, was laid to rest Monday at the military cemetery in Modi’in. Read more

Journalist Yoav Yitzchak: ‘I Warned Brig.-Gen. Bracha Might Kill Himself’

Journalist Yoav Yitzchak, who led the investigative assault on Efraim Bracha, says top cop was about to be summoned for interrogation. Read more

Chief Detective Commits Suicide In Wake of Rabbi Pinto Bribery Allegations

Israel’s number one detective, Assistant Commissioner Ephraim Bracha, who was suspect in multiple bribery scandals, shot himself in his car near his home in Modiin early Sunday morning. Read more

Rabbi Pinto Testifies Against Former Senior Police Official Bracha

According to a Channel 10 News report filed by Baruch Kra, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto testified against former senior Israel Police commander, Ephraim Bracha. Bracha, who headed the 433 Unit, Israel’s equivalent to the FBI, led to Rav Pinto being investigated. Read more