More Criminal Damage To Jewish Boundary In Mahwah

MAHWAH – For the third time in recent months, a ritualistic Jewish boundary known as a eruv on a town utility pole has been damaged, according to a report. Read more

Jewish Boundary Markers Stir Tension In N.J.

One side says the fight in Mahwah, New Jersey, over plastic pipes clamped to utility poles is rooted in anti-Semitism. The other says it’s merely about enforcing an ordinance that governs outdoor displays. Read more

New York’s Orthodox Jews Are Expanding Into These Towns, And Some Residents Aren’t Happy

When Moshe Pinkasovits walks with his kids down the street on Saturdays in his new town, he has to watch out for drivers shouting anti-Semitic slurs. Read more

Eruvs Vandalized Again In Mahwah; Police Investigate Incident As Hate Crime

MAHWAH, N.J. — Tensions are heating up further in Mahwah, New Jersey over religious boundaries called eruvs. Read more

Rockland County, NY – Journal News: Blame Overdevelopment, Not The Eruv, For The Mess In Ramapo

Rockland County, NY – The recent debate about the implications of a recently installed eruv in several towns in northern New Jersey has created a firestorm of buzz, with area residents finding themselves faced with accusations of anti-Semitism as they attempt to navigate uncharted waters. Read more

Orthodox Jewish Group Sues Town To Keep Religious Markers

MAHWAH, N.J. — An Orthodox Jewish community group has sued a New Jersey town that has moved to block the group from building a religious boundary made up of white plastic piping through town. Read more

Mahwah, NJ – Town Response To Jewish Community’s ‘Eruv’ Stirs Anti-Semitism Fears

MAHWAH, N.J. — Thin strips of PVC piping on utility poles around a New Jersey town have stirred worries that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community just across the New York border plans to expand, and backlash from those who say the opposition raises worries about anti-Semitism. Read more

Expansion, Vandalism of Eruv Used By Jewish Community Sparks Debate

POMONA – The expansion and vandalism of a structure used by the Orthodox Jewish community in Rockland County and New Jersey has caused controversy among residents. Read more

Mahwah Orders Orthodox Jewish Community To Remove The Eruv

MAHWAH — A portion of the local Jewish community has been ordered to stop building a religious boundary made up of white plastic piping through its town. Read more

Crown Heights – Two Arrested in Connection with Eruv Vandalism

CROWN HEIGHTS — Police have arrested a man in connection to the vandalism of a controversial eruv built in the neighborhood this summer, the NYPD said — and a second man is set to be charged soon, an attorney on the case said. Read more