Was Esti Weinstein’s Suicide Trigger Her Own Inner Dilemma?

New documents showing Esti Weinstein’s difficult inner struggle were revealed by Hebrew-language newspaper Israel Hayom. Read more

Secret Sex Life of The Gur Hasidim Has Israelis Reading

One must admit the truth: Reading the book by Esti Weinstein, a former adherent of Gur Hasidism who committed suicide in June after long years of separation from her ultra-Orthodox daughters, is exhausting and sometimes boring. From a purely literary angle, as prose “Do As He Wills” is an immature text. Read more

Mother of Esti Weinstein writes emotional goodbye

Yehudit Irentein, the mother of Esti Weinstein, the woman who took her own life after years of estrangement from her children in the Gerrer hassidic community, penned a letter to her daughter, in which she recalls Esti’s kindness and grace, and expresses hope that her story will bring greater understanding and empathy between people of different walks of life. Read more

Ger Hasidim’s Secret Rules on Male-Female Relations Revealed By Ex-member

A former member of the Ger Hasidic sect, the largest and most powerful in Israel, last week published the secretive group’s takuness the rules regulating every tiny facet of daily life, particularly those concerning the relations between men and women on Facebook. Read more

Hundreds Attend Funeral of Esti Weinstein

Former Gerrer Hassid Esti Weinstein who took her own life after years of estrangement from her family was laid to rest today (Tuesday) in the Yarkon Cemetery in central Israel. Read more

Family Court: Esti Weinstein Will Be Given Secular Burial

Tel Aviv Family Court ruled this afternoon (Monday) that Esti Weinstein, a mother of 7 who left the Gerrer Hassidic community and religious observance several years ago, will be given a secular Jewish burial as per her request in her will. Read more

Before Suicide, Esti Weinstein Penned Book About Her Ordeals In Ultra-Orthodox World

A formerly ultra-Orthodox woman who was found dead in her car on Sunday after apparently taking her own life days earlier, had written a short autobiography describing the rigors of living within the Gur Hasidic sect and the pain she felt when her daughters cut ties with her over her choice to give up religion. Read more

Search For Mother of 7 Esti Weinstein Ends In Tragedy

Despite efforts by members of Zaka, Israeli police, and thousands of volunteers, the search for a missing mother of seven ended in tragedy on Sunday. Read more