Mafia Money Pollutes The EU, UK, Economy

Major profits from large-scale illegal activities have to be laundered to enter the so-called clean economy. Read more

Anti-Mafia Raids 33 Suspects In Spain, Italy, Germany ‘Target Neapolitan Mafia’

Police detained 33 people in Spain, Italy and Germany on Wednesday as part of a Europe-wide operation against suspected members of Italy’s Camorra crime group, law enforcement officials said. Read more

Number of Countries Hit By Massive Cyber Attack Doubles

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol), the European Union’s main la enforcement agency, released updated statistics on the recent massive cyber attack which affected dozens of countries around the world over the weekend. Read more

Europol, FBI Arrest Nearly 900 In Crackdown on Global Pedophile Ring

A global child sexual exploitation ring has been taken down by the FBI and Europol, leading to the arrest of hundreds of suspected paedophiles. Read more

Europol and Brazil Sign Strategic Agreement To Combat Cyber-Crime

On Tuesday, Brazil and Europol signed a strategic agreement to work more closely together to combat cyber-crime and other cross-border crime. Read more

Europol: Organized Crime Goes ‘High-Tech’

High-tech crimes, such as document fraud, money laundering and online trading in illegal goods, are at the root of almost all serious criminality, Europe’s police agency said on Thursday. Read more

FBI, EU Fraud Authorities Hold Summit on Binary Fraud

Horrified at the vast global fraud being perpetrated by fraudulent binary options firms, most of which are located in or connected to Israel, law enforcement officials from some 20 countries convened in the Netherlands earlier this month to discuss how to tackle the crime. Read more

Europol Warns of Impending ISIS Attacks In Europe

Europol warned on Friday that the ISIS is planning new terror attacks on Europe in the coming weeks. As well, Europol Director Robe Wainwright said police forces across Europe are currently investigating over 50 cases of terrorism. Read more

Panama Papers: Europol Links 3,500 Names To Suspected Criminals

Almost 3,500 individuals and companies in the Panama Papers are probable matches for suspected criminals including terrorists, cybercriminals and cigarette smugglers, according to a document. Read more

Europol Warns That The ISIS Threat Is Only Going To Get Worse

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The number of people killed in attacks by extremists throughout Europe soared in 2015 from a year earlier, the European Union police agency reported Wednesday as it warned the Islamic State group may “put more emphasis on operations abroad” as a Western military alliance puts it under pressure in Syria and Iraq. Read more