FAA To Require Most Drones To Be Registered And Marked

On the heels of an alarming study spotlighting the danger drones pose to commercial aircraft, the FAA on Monday announced new regulations requiring drone registration in an effort to keep track of soaring ownership. Read more

Air Traffic Controller Tells Cops: I Smoke Meth To Stay Awake

An air traffic controller who once bungled a flight carrying Michelle Obama has landed in trouble when he was caught driving on Long Island with illegal guns and crystal meth which he said he smokes to stay awake, according to a report. Read more

California – Secret Military Activity Forces LAX To Detour Night Flights For Coming Week

Mysterious military activity west of Los Angeles International Airport is forcing the airport–one of the nation’s busiest– to temporarily divert overnight landings and departures. Read more

U.S. To Announce Drone Registry Initiative

The federal government plans to announce Monday that all drones will have to be registered. Read more

Pilot Died After Air Traffic Controller Told Him To Land on Long Island Runway That Didn’t Exist Anymore

A pilot was killed after an air traffic controller directed him to land on a runway that no longer exists, a preliminary accident report has found. Read more

Drone Scare At Newark Airport

NEW YORK – At Newark Airport, a drone was spotted on Sunday afternoon by the pilots of four commercial flights on their final approach. Read more

FAA: Pilots Of 6 Planes Report Being Hit By Green Laser Beam Over NY, NJ

NEW YORK – At least six more flights over New York and New Jersey reported being illuminated by lasers Tuesday night, making 22 such incidents in recent weeks. Read more

FAA: 11 Flights Report Being Hit By Laser Over New Jersey

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after 11 commercial flights reported they were illuminated by lasers while flying over New Jersey. Read more

FAA Investigating After 4 Pilots Say Laser Was Pointed At Planes Over Long Island

FARMINDALE, N.Y. — Several pilots say a green laser was pointed at their planes while they were flying over Long Island. Read more