Paedophile Who Blackmailed Children He Never Met Into Performing Sex Acts Jailed For 16 Years

A paedophile who blackmailed up to 100 children into performing sex acts over the internet, sometimes on their own family members, has been convicted of rape. Read more

Lithuanian Man Brought To US To Face $100M Fraud Case

A Lithuanian businessman extradited to the United States to face charges that he duped Google and Facebook into sending him over $100 million was held without bail Thursday, hours after he was brought to the country. Read more

Iranian Hackers Launch Virtual Honeypot Scheme

Mia Ash is an attractive 29-year-old freelance photographer living in London who listens to indie music and adores social media. Read more

Facebook’s WhatsApp Blocked In China Amid Censorship Push

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service has been partially blocked in China, following a censorship crackdown by the government. Read more

Facebook Can Track Your Browsing Even After You’ve Logged Out

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Facebook of tracking users’ web browsing activity even after they logged out of the social networking site. Read more

Swiss Man Who ‘Liked’ Posts Claiming Anti-Semitism Found Guilty of Libel

GENEVA, Switzerland — In a landmark ruling, a Swiss court has fined a man for “liking” comments on Facebook accusing an animal rights activist of being a “racist” and an “anti-Semite.” Read more

Facebook Only Removes Holocaust Denial If Facing Legal Action

Facebook instructs moderators to ignore Holocaust denial posted to its website unless it came from one of four countries out of more than a dozen countries where it is illegal and only then if it is reported, the UK Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday. Read more

Google and Facebook Fall For $100M Phishing Scam

In what is considered one of the biggest phishing scams in the world, both Google and Facebook were phished for over $100 million. Read more

Cleveland Police Hunt For Man Who Broadcast Fatal Shooting on Facebook Live

CLEVELAND – Cleveland police were investigating a homicide Sunday that was broadcast on Facebook Live, officials said in a tweet at about 4 p.m. CST. Read more