Sara Mayer Was Forced To Marry Her First Cousin

The Hasidic woman who committed suicide four months after her sister also killed herself suffered years of depression following her forced marriage to a first cousin, a family insider told The Post on Monday. Read more

Sister of Hasidic Jumper Faigy Mayer Found Hanging From Parent’s Staircase In Borough Park

The sister of a Hasidic Jewish woman who committed suicide by jumping from a New York rooftop bar has taken her own life. Read more

Faigy Mayer Who Committed Suicide Had Mental Issues, Says Family

The suicide of an ex-hasidic woman who threw herself off a Manhattan skyscraper last week may have had less to do with alienation from her family and former community and more to do with her history of mental illness, one secular cousin told the media this week. Read more

Faigy Mayer Death Bares Anguish of Leaving Ultra-Orthodox World

On July 12, Faigy Mayer, a 30-year-old New Yorker who left Hasidic Judaism five years ago, sent one of her last messages to a close friend. She tried to explain how foreign the world was to her — even though she grew up in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Read more

Is The Orthodox Community Really To Blame For Mental Illness Among Ex-Hasids Faigy Mayer?

In bright pink paint, the words “Life is Beautiful” are splashed in graffiti on a wall in New York’s High Line, next to a young 30-year-old woman named Faigy Mayer brandishing a paint roller with a mischievous grin. Read more

Parents Shunned Faigy Mayer For Leaving Hasidic Judaism

She broke free from the iron-tight grip of her ultra-conservative Hasidic community — only to kill herself after years of struggling with that decision. Read more

Faigy Mayer Dies In Fall From Rooftop In NYC

A woman jumped 20 stories to her death from a swanky rooftop bar in the Flatiron District Monday night. Read more