FBI Requested To Investigate Anti-Semitic Graffiti At Northwestern University

Following a recent string of anti-Semitic incidents at the Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, the campus president has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigations to step in and investigate the incidents. Read more

Richard Matt Was An FBI Snitch

Long before the sociopathic fugitive was shot and killed by a border patrolman, he worked with the feds to inform on a fellow inmate. Read more

FBI Warns of Kidnapping Hoax Phone Scam

NEW YORK – Imagine the horror of having a loved one kidnapped. Federal authorities say scammers are counting on that anguish to get unsuspecting people to pay up. Read more

FBI, SEC Probe Trading of Carl Icahn, Billy Walters, Phil Mickelson

Golf superstar Phil Mickelson is facing a public relations nightmare after allegedly sending approximately $2.75 million to a jail-bound former handicapper who laundered money in an illegal sports gambling operation. Read more

FBI Investigating Corruption At New York Prison After Escape

Washington – The FBI is investigating possible broader corruption, including potential drug trafficking, at the upstate New York prison from which two inmates escaped earlier this month, CNN said on Monday, citing law enforcement sources. Read more

FBI, Homeland Security: July Fourth Terror Attacks Possible

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are telling people to be on high alert for terrorist attacks on the Fourth of July as threats from ISIS grow. Read more

FBI: Accuse Queens College Student Of Plotting ISIS Attack In NYC

Court papers say a college student inspired by the Islamic State terror group has been arrested on charges he was planning an attack in New York City. Read more

FBI Investigates St Louis Cardinals Over Claims They Hacked Rivals Houston Astros

The FBI and Justice Department are investigating members of the St Louis Cardinals organization to see if team executives hacked into databases maintained by the Houston Astros. Read more

2 Charged With Conspiring With Boston Man To Help ISIS

Two men were charged Friday with conspiring to help the Islamic State group by plotting with a Boston terror suspect to kill U.S. citizens to support the objectives of the terrorist organization. Read more

Sentencing Thursday For 2 Pakistani Brothers In Terror Plot Against NYC Landmarks

Two Pakistani-born brothers are facing lengthy prison sentences after pleading guilty in Florida to charges that they organized a terror plot against New York City landmarks. Read more