$129 Million In Bribes Alleged In Soccer Corruption Case

It’s transfer season in the Premier League, which means exorbitant sums of money are being lavished on soccer stars. Read more

FIFA official Sheikh Ahmad Fesigning Amid Bribery Claims

The first Asian soccer official to be convicted in the FIFA corruption scandal, a member of a committee that oversaw ethics compliance, told a U.S. judge he accepted about $1 million in bribes, including $100,000 from the former president of the Asian Football Confederation. Read more

Fifa Audit official Richard Lai Admits Bribery In US Federal Probe

Guam Football Association President Richard Lai, 55, pleaded guilty to criminal corruption charges in connection with accepting and paying bribes to soccer officials. Read more

Franz Beckenbauer Under Investigations Over Consultancy Role In SA’s 2010 Bid

According to the report published in the mass-circulation newspaper “Bild” on Monday, Swiss prosecutors have uncovered a payment to Franz Beckenbauer that was transferred to a bank account in Gibraltar. Read more

FIFA VPs Napout, Hawit Arrested As Bribery Suspects

ZURICH—FIFA vice-presidents Juan Angel Napout and Alfredo Hawit were arrested Thursday as part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s widening bribery case that has rocked soccer’s scandal-hit governing body. Read more

Whistleblower: Qatar Set To Lose 2022 World Cup

Qatar’s FIFA bribes have come home to roost. According to a whistleblower who gave the FBI details on the scam in which Qatari billionaires bribed FIFA officials to get them to assign the 2022 World Cup finals to their country, the match is likely to be moved from Qatar to another country. Read more

FBI’s FIFA Investigation Said To Include Qatar, Russia World Cup Bids

The FBI’s investigation of soccer governing body FIFA includes scrutiny of how the organization awarded the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 competition to Qatar, a U.S. law enforcement official said on Wednesday. Read more

Interpol Has Put Six Men Linked To FIFA on Its Most Wanted List

PARIS – Interpol has put six men with ties to FIFA on its most wanted list, issuing an international alert for two former FIFA officials and four executives on charges including racketeering and corruption. Read more

$150M In Bribes, Dozen Schemes: US Prosecutors’ FIFA Case

The leaders of soccer federations corrupted the sport for nearly a quarter century by taking $150 million in bribes and payoffs, U.S. prosecutors said Wednesday as they laid out a sweeping case involving over a dozen people and marquee events as the World Cup. Read more