German Officials: Increase In US Jews Seeking Citizenship Since Election

ince the election of US President Donald Trump, increasing numbers of Jews whose parents and grandparents fled from Nazi Germany to the United States have applied for German citizenship, German officials said. Read more

German Parliament Foiled Cyber Attack By Hackers Via Israeli Website

BERLIN – The German parliament was the target of fresh cyber attacks in January that attempted to piggy-back on an Israeli newspaper site to target politicians in Germany, Berlin’s cyber security watchdog said on Wednesday. Read more

Five Hurt In Ax Attack At Dusseldorf Train Station In Germany

Five people were injured Thursday in an ax attack at the central train station in the west German city of Dusseldorf. Read more

Hong Kong Police Face Israeli, German Backlash After Comparing Local Cops To Jews Persecuted By Nazis

Hong Kong police faced a type of a diplomatic incident this week after an officer compared local cops to Jews persecuted by the Nazis during Holocaust. Read more

German Intelligence Agency Spied on Journalists Across The Globe

Since 1999, Germany’s intelligence agency (BND) has spied on journalists of various news outlets and their sources, according to a report by German news magazine “Der Spiegel” set to be published on Saturday. Read more

Germany Indicts Iranian Spy Who Targeted Israeli Organization

The federal prosecutor in Germany announced on Monday the indictment of a Pakistani man allegedly commissioned by Iran’s regime to spy on the head of the German-Israel Friendship Society and on economic entities. Read more

Berlin: At Least Nine Dead After Truck Crashes Into Christmas Market

At least nine people have been killed and many more injured, according to German police, after a truck ploughed into a Christmas market in Berlin in what is believed to have been a deliberate attack. Read more

‘We Are Losing Control of Our Streets’ Germans Call on Angela Merkel To Deport Migrants

Bavaria’s finance and home minister Markus Söder, of Angela Merkel’s sister party, CSU, said the migrant crisis has become so bad women are too scared to go outside. Read more

German Maker of Israeli Submarines Says Secrets Stolen In ‘Massive’ Cyberattack

ThyssenKrupp, the German maker of Israel’s new fleet of submarines, has been the victim of a “massive” cyberattack, the company said Thursday. Read more

German Chancellor Merkel Calls For Burka Ban

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a dramatic shift in the country’s stance on Muslim migrant integration in Germany by stating during the Conservative CDU party’s convention that “the full Burka (a garment which covers most of the body) is not suitable here” and added that she would initiate legislation against it. Read more