Ringleader In ‘Get’ Coercion Ring Rabbi Mendel Epstein Sentenced To 10 Years

Two Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Sentenced To Prison For Conspiring To Kidnap Jewish Husbands, Force Them To Consent To Religious Divorces. Read more

French Get Refuser Caught In Dead Sea With Escort Girl

A French man who refused to grant his wife a get (Jewish divorce document) for three years was caught recently, while in the company of a call girl in Israel. Read more

Is Agunah Tamar Epstein’s Remarriage Legal Without Orthodox Divorce?

Tamar Epstein, the prominent “chained woman” whose right to remarry under traditional Jewish law was long stymied, may have finally found two Orthodox rabbis willing to help her wed again. But her fate in the broader Jewish community — and the fate of any children she may have — is anything but ensured. Read more

לאחר 3 שנים: סרבן הגט נתפס עם נערת ליווי בים המלח

עם המכנסיים למטה: גבר צרפתי שסירב להעניק גט לאשתו-בנפרד, נתפס כשהוא מבלה עם נערת-ליווי בישראל. עדות של רב הקהילה היהודית בליון, עיר מגוריו, ולפיה הוא נמצא בארץ עם “חשוקתו” (כלשונו) – הביאה להסגרתו לידי בית הדין הרבני. לאחר שאותר בבית מלון בים המלח והוצא נגדו צו עיכוב יציאה מישראל, הסכים הסרבן לגירושין. Read more

Maryland Woman At Center of Jewish Divorce Saga Remarries Without Get’

A former Maryland woman who was a central figure in the ongoing efforts to reform how the Orthodox Jewish community deals with recalcitrant husbands on Jewish divorces has remarried. Read more

Rabbinical Court To ‘Shame’ Man Into Giving Jewish Divorce

A Jerusalem rabbinical court is set to put a recalcitrant husband through a “shaming” exercise in an effort to persuade him to grant his wife a Jewish divorce. Read more

Private Investigators: 25 Years After Leaving His Wife, Get Refuser Found In Uruguay As A Priest

A South American priest sends his Jewish wife divorce papers on a plane headed to Israel. Read more

First: ‘Chained Man’ Free As Court Demands Woman Accept Divorce

While there are many examples of husbands who refuse to grant their wives a Jewish divorce – making those women agunot, or “chained women” who are not allowed to remarry, the opposite can also occur and on Thursday, the High Court said that sanctions placed on a woman who refused to accept a divorce from her husband, rendering him unable to remarry under Israeli law, were appropriate. Read more

Refuses ‘Get’ 14 Years – Gets Money, Zero Jail Time

A resident of Haifa who refused to divorce her husband for 14 years will do no jail time and receive 100,000 shekels from her husband in return for granting the divorce, a rabbinical court has ruled. Read more

Amsterdam Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag Tied To Violent New York Divorce Squad

The chief rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish community in Amsterdam, Aryeh Ralbag, has been linked to a case in the United States against four rabbis who allegedly kidnapped and beat Jewish men to force them to agree to a divorce. Read more