Rabbi Mendel Epstein Wanted $60K To Get Divorce For Woman, Attorney Testifies

TRENTON — The attorney for a Pennsylvania woman who wanted a religious divorce said Monday that a Lakewood rabbi instructed her family to pay the rabbi $60,000 as part of his attempt to secure her divorce. Read more

Haredi ‘Get Refuser’ Running For Knesset

Gila Yashar, an ultra-Orthodox woman who made headlines recently after being defined as a “get refuser” and handcuffed to a hospital bed, is taking significant steps towards independence these days by running for Knesset as part of a new party comprised of haredi women. Read more

Rabbi Mendel Epstein Trial: Witness: I Beat Lakewood Man, Then Bought Him Breakfast

After tying up Yisrael Bryskman and beating him in 2010, David Wax felt anger, he testified in federal court on Thursday. Read more

Rabbi Mendel Epstein Ordered Beatings and Demanded Cash For Forced Divorces

TRENTON —A Lakewood rabbi accused of arranging forced divorces orchestrated the beating of a Brooklyn man and demanded $50,000 for his work, a convicted Jewish religious leader said on Wednesday. Read more

Attackers Delivered Beatings, Death Threats To Force A Divorce, Victim Testifies In Rabbi Mendel Epstein Trial

A Brooklyn man testifying Tuesday in the trial of a Lakewood rabbi accused of orchestrating forced divorces said he was ambushed and beaten until he agreed to divorce his wife. Read more

New Prenup Drafted By Orthodox Rabbis Takes Aim At Divorce Refusers

A group of Modern Orthodox rabbis in Israel has drafted a first-of-its-kind prenuptial agreement that it recommends to all couples in the country before marrying. Read more

Rabbinical Courts: ‘Gett’ Movie Demonizes Us

The Batei Din Rabbaniyim, or Rabbinical Courts, held their annual educational training conference for dayanim – or rabbinical judges – last week. What made this year’s conference unique was the fact that for the first time, serious thought was given to improving the courts’ image, in the face of their extremely negative portrayals in film and on television. Read more

‘Give A Divorce,’ Attackers Yelled As They Beat Men, Victim Testifies In Rabbi Mendel Epstein Trial

TRENTON — A Brooklyn man, testifying in the trial of a Lakewood rabbi accused of ordering beatings to extract Jewish divorces, described how he and his roomate were awakened and beaten for hours. Read more

Could A New ‘Halakhic Pre-Nup’ Help ‘Chained’ Women?

Tzohar, a Religious Zionist Rabbinical organization in Israel, in conjunction with the Israel Bar Association, has announced the creation of a new so-called “Halakhic Pre-nup” agreement to be offered to Israeli couples in accordance with Jewish Law (Halakha).

In a press release, the organization’s Chairman Rabbi David Stav was quoted as saying: “This agreement can and should become the norm in Israeli society to ensure that the end of a marriage and separating from your partner be treated with respect and dignity.” Read more