Hezbollah vs ISIS vs Israel

Two incidents this week showcase the complexity of the challenges facing Israel on its northern front. Read more

IDF To Resume Searches For Solider Guy Hever, Missing Since 1997

Israel has announced it was resuming efforts to solve the disappearance of Guy Hever, who went missing in the Golan Heights in 1997. Read more

‘Hezbollah, Syrian Army Preparing Large Operation Near Israel Border’

Troops loyal to the Syrian regime along with Hezbollah fighters have allegedly been finalizing plans to launch a large-scale operation against Syrian opposition forces near the border with Israel, according to Iranian media. Read more

Israel Downs Drone Over Golan Heights

Rocket alert sirens were sounded Sunday afternoon in the Golan Heights, after two Patriot Missiles were launched from the Safed area towards an unidentified drone in Israeli airspace, the IDF confirmed. Read more

Tragic: Two IDF Soldiers, Including Lone Soldier from NJ, Killed In Grenade Explosion

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and a third seriously injured in an accident early Sunday morning in the Golan Heights. Read more

MK Yair Lapid To Europe: Your Anti-Semitism Is Showing (In The Golan)!

A TV and newspaper personality for most of his career, Lapid heads the Yesh Atid (There is a Future) party. Read more

Golan Heights Residents Caught Spying For Syrian Government

Numerous Golan Heights residents were arrested on suspicion of passing along intelligence information to the Syrian government regarding Israel’s northern border. The arrests and investigation were placed under gag order in late February. On Friday, a Nazereth judge lifted the order and allowed publication of details regarding the case. Read more