Florida Men Charged In $1 Billion Illegal Gold Scheme

MIAMI — It’s a nickname that most people wouldn’t want, but one man took pride in it. Read more

Man At Center of A Billion-Dollar Gold Racket Won’t Be Going Anywhere Before Trial

A businessman at the center of an alleged multibillion-dollar money-laundering operation involving gold smuggled from South America to Miami will remain in custody until his trial, a federal judge ruled Thursday. Read more

Miami Man In Middle of Billion-Dollar Gold-Smuggling Case Fights For Release Before Trial

In mid-March Juan Granda was summoned from Colombia to Miami to attend a meeting with his employer, a precious metals refinery. Read more

Billions In Drug Dealers’ Illegal Amazon Gold ‘Laundered’ Through Miami Refinery

In a zeal to hide cocaine profits, South American traffickers have funneled billions of dollars of illegally mined Amazon gold to a Miami metals refinery in what federal authorities say amounts to a massive money-laundering scheme. Read more