Haim Saban ‘Deeply Disturbed’ By Obama’s ‘Biased’ Actions Against Israel

Israel-American billionaire and media mogul Haim Saban, one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors, on Wednesday issued a scathing criticism of the Obama administration’s recent anti-Israel actions. Read more

Haim Saban: Keith Ellison Is An Anti-Semite, Israel-Hater

A leading Democratic donor issued a stinging condemnation of Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, warning that if the controversial far-left candidate became chairman of the Democratic National Committee, relations with the Jewish community would be seriously damaged. Read more

Donald Trump Sues Israeli Billionaire Haim Saban

Donald Trump slammed Univision Communications with a $500 million lawsuit on Tuesday after the television network pulled its Spanish-language coverage of the Miss USA beauty pageant, which he co-owns. Read more