Judge Slashes Wall Street Perv’s Damages Judgment To $5.6M

A Manhattan judge took an ax to ​the $18 million ​a jury awarded to a beautiful Swedish intern ​in her sexual harassment and defamation lawsuit against real-life wolf of Wall Street Benjamin Wey. Read more

Horndog CEO Benjamin Wey In $18M Sex Case Indicted For Money Laundering

The Wall Street CEO who was hit with a bombshell $18 million jury award in June for sexually harassing and then trashing online his pretty, young​ Swedish intern has been indicted on stock manipulation charges that netted him at least $20 million in illegal profits, new court papers ​state. Read more

Slut-Shaming Wall St CEO Is ‘Psychopath’: Intern

THE day after a Wall St intern scored an $23 million court award against her amorous ex-boss, she had only one word for him: “psychopath”. Read more

Jury Awards Hanna Bouveng $2M For Wall St. CEO Benjamin Wey’s Sexual Harassment

A wolf of Wall Street has to cough up $1​8​ million for sexually harassing and then trashing his pretty Swedish underling, a Manhattan jury found Monday. Read more

Hanna Bouveng Describes 2 -Minute Sex With No Kissing With Her Mmarried Boss Benjamin Wey

A former Swedish model-turned-assistant to a Wall Street financier, who has sued her boss claiming he had forced her into a sexual relationship, tearfully told a Manhattan jury Monday how she felt used and was terrified the high-powered CEO was going to fire her and revoke her visa. Read more

CEO Benjamin Wey Admits Firing Underling After She ‘Cheated on Him’

The Wall Street CEO on trial for pressuring his Swedish subordinate into having sex with him admitted in court Thursday that he decided to fire her after he found her boyfriend lying in bed in the expensive TriBeCa apartment he rented for her. Read more

Model Hanna Bouveng, Suing CEO Benjamin Wey For sexual harassment

A Wall Street financier lasted only two minutes when he bedded a sexy staff member from Sweden who is now suing him for sexual harassment, according to the opening statement Monday by her lawyer. Read more