Jerusalem – Haredi Teen Beaten By Bus Driver

A haredi youth was beaten by an Egged bus driver during a trip from Jerusalem to Tiberias last Thursday night. Read more

IDF To Draft Haredi Man After Kissing Photo Emerges

The Israel Defense Forces is planning to draft an ultra-Orthodox man after his ex-girlfriend uploaded a photo to Facebook showing the pair kissing. Read more

Jewish Man Taken Hostage In Mexico City Released

Reports revealed Friday that a Jewish man who was taken hostage in Mexico City has been released. Read more

Haredi Couple From Israel Caught With Drugs In Ukraine

Ukrainian police arrested an ultra-Orthodox couple from Israel at Kiev’s Boryspil Airport after finding more than two pounds of marijuana in their luggage. Read more

Mea Shearim – Haredi Mafia Trade Drug and Weapons

A major drugs trade network run by national-religious and haredi men and centered in the radical ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem and Ramat Beit Shemesh has been revealed and broken by an undercover police officer in the Jerusalem Police Force. Read more

Haredi Newspaper Sparks Outrage By Asking Arabs, ‘Don’t Stab Us, We Don’t Go To Temple Mount’

The haredi Mishpacha newspaper created a social media firestorm on Thursday after it published an opinion article in which the first paragraph, printed in Arabic and in Hebrew, asked that since members of the haredi public do not go up to the Temple Mount “could you please stop murdering us.” Read more

Bra-Burning: Haredi Version

On the backdrop of the security situation in Israel, videos circulated on social media in recent weeks show young Jewish women who have grown closer to religion, ripping immodest clothes they used to wear in the past in order to make them unusable. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Matchmaking: Everything It’s Best Not To Know

I remember the lesson as if it were yesterday. As in all 12th grade classes full of teenage girls, many of us focused on chatting between ourselves until the teacher got fed up. “Just so you know girls,” she said in a dramatic tone, “when I speak with mothers and matchmakers about a student of mine I don’t gloss over the reality. Your behavior today, even in class, will determine the kind of man that will be suggested for you in the future.” Read more

Jerusalem – Haredi Man Arrested For Allegedly Spitting on Girl Wearing Pants

Jerusalem police on Sunday arrested a Haredi man, who is about 40 years old, after he spat on a 15-year-old girl because she was supposedly not dressed modestly enough. Read more