Rabbi Shlomo Amar: Reform Jews ‘Worse Than Holocaust Deniers’

Jerusalem’s chief rabbi on Tuesday lashed out at Reform Jews, saying they were worse than Holocaust deniers for defying Orthodox Jewish law on gender separation and insisting on the right to mixed-gender prayer at the Western Wall in the city. Read more

Actress Xonia Blasted For Raunchy Photoshoot At Holocaust Memorial

A POP star and former Neighbours actress has provoked outrage by posing for a raunchy photoshoot in front of a memorial to the holocaust. Read more

Holocaust Survivor: Yes, It Can Happen Again

In an interview with CNN, Holocaust survivor Sonia K. spoke about her experiences in the Holocaust and said that silence is the worst thing after hatred. Read more

Facebook Only Removes Holocaust Denial If Facing Legal Action

Facebook instructs moderators to ignore Holocaust denial posted to its website unless it came from one of four countries out of more than a dozen countries where it is illegal and only then if it is reported, the UK Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday. Read more

President Trump: Holocaust Was The Most Savage Crime Ever

President Trump visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon, laying a wreath in honor of the six million victims of the Nazi Holocaust. Read more

Israel Remember 6 Million Murdered In Holocaust

Israelis across the country paused for two minutes Monday morning in memory of the six million Jews who were murdered in Europe under Nazi rule as a siren pierced the clear blue sky in an annual marking of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Read more

Hong Kong Police Face Israeli, German Backlash After Comparing Local Cops To Jews Persecuted By Nazis

Hong Kong police faced a type of a diplomatic incident this week after an officer compared local cops to Jews persecuted by the Nazis during Holocaust. Read more

U.S. Orthodox Leaders: Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Is ‘Dangerous’

Sixteen prominent Orthodox rabbis released a statement on Tuesday slamming controversial lecturer Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, an international lecturer known for making contentious statements. Read more

Wife of Putin aide puts on Holocaust-themed ice show

The wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman performed a Holocaust-themed ice skating show on a popular reality television show Saturday night. Read more