Unit 8200

The Unit 8200. It was 39 years ago today when this unit, which serves as the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces’ signal intelligence and code decryption apparatus, failed in its mission. Since then, however, it has amassed considerable strength. Read more

Head of IDF’s New Cyber Division: It’s A World With No Rules

IDF’s new Cyber Division is starting to pick up the pace of its defense activities, against a silent and deadly threat that grows day by day, threatening to paralyze the Iron Dome air defense system, disrupt tanks’ and fighter planes’ computer systems, or even steal sensitive classified information. Read more

Big Brother Is Watching: How Israel Uses Big Data To Fight Terror

Israel’s security services have used the internet to thwart hundreds of potential terror attacks in less than a year, with the Shin Bet security service and Military Intelligence stopping 2,200 Palestinians at various stages of planning and preparing for attacks, mostly stabbings and car-rammings. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Threaten To Shut Down Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport With Protests Against Draft

An ultra-Orthodox group is threatening to disrupt operations at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport during the busy Passover holiday week with protests against the drafting of yeshiva students into the army. Read more

Yeshiva Student Whose Arrest Sparked Protests Gets 56 Days In Military Jail

An ultra-Orthodox draft dodger, whose arrest sparked a number of protests last month in Jerusalem, was sentenced on Sunday to 56 days in military jail. Read more

Jerusalem – Thousands Of Ultra-Orthodox Israelis Protest Military Draft

Thousands of haredim are gathered this evening, Tuesday, on Jerusalem’s Malchei Yisrael Street, the main street connecting the haredi neighborhoods in central Jerusalem, for a protest defined as “the protest of thousands” against “the decree of the draft.” Read more

Satmar Rebbe Blasts Anti-Draft Demonstrations

The leader of the world’s largest anti-Zionist hassidic sect surprised followers on Monday when he condemned protests being held by anti-draft activists in Israel. Read more

Haredi Extremists Call For Death of Officer Over Haredi Enlistment

The incitement against haredi IDF soldiers and their recruiters continued, with death threats being made against the head of the IDF branch for yeshiva students Sunday. Read more