Investigation of Illinois Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz Death Marked By Tension Between Cops, Coroner

The investigation into the death of an Illinois police officer earlier this month has been beset by clashes between the task force looking into the case and the local coroner, reports say. Read more

Illinois Police Hit A Dead End In Killing of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

Illinois police hit another roadblock Tuesday as their investigation into the murder of Lt. Charles “Joe” Gliniewicz hit the one week mark. Read more

Police Recover ‘Significant’ New Evidence In Hunt For Killers of Illinois Police officer

Investigators revealed Friday they found “significant” new evidence in a wooded, marshy area where a northern Illinois police officer was gunned down during a pursuit of three suspicious men. Read more

Illinois Woman Charged With Lying About Seeing Police Shooting Suspects, Sending Cops On Wild Goose Chase

Police searching for the suspected killers of an Illinois officer said early Thursday that the manhunt was diverted by a woman who lied about seeing two suspicious men near the scene of the murder. Read more

Police In Illinois Hunt For 3 Suspects After Murder of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewitz

Police with helicopters, dogs and armed with rifles were conducting a massive manhunt in northern Illinois on Tuesday after an officer was shot and killed while pursuing a group of suspicious men. Read more

Northern Illinois Police officer Is Shot and Killed

A Fox Lake police officer was shot and killed Tuesday morning, and a massive manhunt with dogs and helicopters was underway in Lake County, Ill. Read more

Video Appears To Show Police officer Macing Handcuffed Teens

ALTON, Ill. – State authorities said they are investigating after a video surfaced showing an Alton police officer macing two teens in handcuffs at Alton Police headquarters. Read more