UK Police Stop Passing Information To US Over Leaks

British police have stopped sharing evidence from the investigation into the terror network behind the Manchester bombing with the United States after a series of leaks left investigators and the government furious. Read more

Airstrikes Can’t Make Up for France’s Intelligence Failure

While the government and media in France are still dealing with the scope of the intelligence failure that preceded the wave of terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured 352 here on Friday night, the army and security forces have swung into action against Islamic State targets in Syria. Read more

France’s Miserable Intelligence Failure

“The French government and its secret services have experienced a miserable and crushing failure in drawing lessons from the terror attacks at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper offices and the kosher supermarket in January. Read more

Israel’s Top Intelligence Officer To Visit U.S.

Israel’s top intelligence officer will visit the United States this week, sources with knowledge of the itinerary said; a sign that security cooperation continues despite disputes between the countries’ leaders over strategy over Iran. Read more