Apple Began iPhone Encryption Fight Last Fall, In Brooklyn

By prosecutors’ count, Apple helped federal law enforcement agents extract information from iPhones in criminal investigations at least 70 times in seven years before suddenly expressing a change of heart last fall in an otherwise ordinary drug case out of Brooklyn. Read more

FBI Owes It To Victims To Access San Bernardino Killer’s Phone, Director Says

FBI Director James Comey said late Sunday that the agency owed the victims of last December’s San Bernardino terror attack a “thorough and professional investigation”, in an effort to explain why law enforcement officials are trying to compel Apple to help them gain access to a cellphone owned by one of the gunmen. Read more

John McAfee Offers To Unlock Killer’s iPhone For FBI

Eccentric cyber security millionaire John McAfee has bragged that his team of ‘the best hackers on the planet’ could break into the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone in three weeks for free. Read more

NYC Law Enforcement: Criminals Say Apple Encryption A ‘Gift From God’

New York – Police and prosecutors in New York City said Thursday that the top-notch encryption technology on Apple mobile phones is now routinely hindering criminal investigations. Read more

Corona, CA – FBI Searches Home Of Navy Veteran Brother Of San Bernardino Shooter Farook

Corona, CA – The Federal Bureau of Investigation searched the Southern California home of the brother of one of the shooters in the Dec. 2 San Bernardino attack, a law enforcement source close to the investigation said on Thursday. Read more

Apple Encryption Case Risks Influencing Russia and China, Privacy Experts Say

Authoritarian governments including Russia and China will demand greater access to mobile data should Apple lose a watershed encryption case brought by the FBI, leading technology analysts, privacy experts and legislators have warned. Read more

Apple’s Tim Cook Blasts Order To Unlock iPhone

WASHINGTON — Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook said Wednesday his company will resist a federal magistrate’s order to hack its users in connection with the investigation of the San Bernardino, California, shootings, asserting such a move would undermine encryption by creating a back door that could potentially be used on other future devices. Read more

A Cryptic Text Message Could Crash Your iPhone

A newly discovered software bug is causing some iPhones to crash when they receive a certain text message. Read more