Israel Successfully Tests Iron Dome Defense System At Sea

Jerusalem – Israel has successfully tested its Iron Dome rocket defense system aboard naval ships for the first time. Read more

Sheldon Adelson Offered Obama $1B To Develop Iron Dome For Israel

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson made a secret offer to U.S. President Barack Obama in 2013 to contribute a billion dollars out of his own pocket to produce an Iron Dome battery for Israel, Politico reported on Thursday. Read more

Israel’s Deposed Missile Defense Chief Was Secretly Monitored For A Month

The Defense Ministry monitored the conduct of deposed director of Israel’s missile defense agency Yair Ramati for a month, without his knowledge. Read more

Yair Ramati Fired From Missile Project For Security Violations

The head of the Defense Ministry’s Missile Defense Organization, which oversaw the development of all of Israel’s missile and rocket defense shields, is leaving his post after classified information was found on his personal computer. Read more