Complaint Claims Israeli Drone Maker Tried To Bomb Armenian Army For Azeris

An Israeli drone manufacturer attempted to bomb the Armenian military on behalf of Azerbaijan during a demonstration of one of its “suicide” unmanned aerial vehicles last month, according to a complaint filed with the Defense Ministry. Read more

Germany Scraps Billion-Dollar Drone Deal With Israel

Germany’s plans to lease Israeli-made “Eitan” drones were suspended on Wednesday, after German lawmakers raised concerns over weapons systems installed on the unmanned aircraft. Read more

Israel ‘Suicide’ Drone Being Used In Azerbaijan Battlefield

An Israeli made “suicide drone” has allegedly been spotted over the battlefield where Azerbaijan and Armenia have clashed in recent days, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. Read more

US, UK Didn’t Crack Israeli Drone Encryption

American and British intelligence services did not hack the encrypted systems of Israel’s unmanned aircraft, Israeli officials said Tuesday, after investigating reports that the US and UK spied on Israel’s air force operations for years. Read more