Israeli Intelligence officials Furious Over Trump Disclosure To Russia

Israeli intelligence officials reportedly shouted at their American counterparts in meetings over news reports that US President Donald Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russia, possibly compromising an important source of intelligence on the Islamic State and Iran, Foreign Policy cited a US defense official as saying. Read more

Shin Bet Looking For Recruits Who Can Crack Cyber-Riddle

The Shin Bet domestic security agency launched a recruitment campaign last week to enlist new spooks to its cyber division, using a riddle that must be solved before anyone can apply. Read more

Unit 8200

The Unit 8200. It was 39 years ago today when this unit, which serves as the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces’ signal intelligence and code decryption apparatus, failed in its mission. Since then, however, it has amassed considerable strength. Read more

“Mossad Style” Business Intelligence

Among the transcripts and the affidavits related to legal battle by Bank Hapoalim against the heirs of the late businessman Motti Zisser, there is one story that would fits neatly into a spy novel. Read more

Israeli Intelligence Showed That ISIS Destroyed Russian Jet

The United States’ near-certainty that an on-board bomb blew up a Russian airliner over Sinai recently is based in part on Israeli intelligence, CNN reported Sunday.  Read more