Israeli Mafia: Murdered Bodyguard Revealed As Police Agent Who Helped Foil Gangland Hits

An undercover agent who was gunned down earlier this year in an apparent gangland murder was revealed Monday to have successfully infiltrated crime syndicates, foiled plans for a string of attacks and helped gather information that led to the arrest of dozens of suspected underworld criminals. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Man Seriously Injured In Suspected Gangland Car Bombing

A man was seriously injured in a car bombing outside a supermarket in the Haifa suburb of Nesher in what police said was likely an attempted gangland killing. Read more

Is Israel Becoming A Mafia State?

The other day, I was sitting at a picnic with several friends when someone referred to Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a “mafia state.” Read more

Israeli Mafia: Michael Mor Arrested In Massive Operation

An alleged crime boss was arrested overnight Saturday-Sunday, along with 32 other suspects, on suspicion of dealing weapons and drugs, in a coiuntrywide sweep that capped a year-long undercover operation. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Asi Abutbul Indicted For Two Old Unsolved Murders

Crime boss Asi Abutbul was indicted Tuesday for the murder nine years ago of attorney Yoram Hakham—who served as his lawyer at the time—and for the murder of another person named Arthur Rosen. Read more

Israeli Deputy Mayor Suspected of Playing Role In 1999 Mob Murder

Israel’s national fraud unit arrested Thursday a serving deputy mayor on suspicions he was involved in the death of a 22-year-old Israeli man in 1999, a few weeks after a well-known crime boss was arrested for his role in what the police suspect was a murder. Read more

Israel Police: Binary Options Is Run By Israeli Organized Crime

In a bombshell speech, a senior Israel Police officer told a Knesset panel on Wednesday that Israeli crime kingpins are behind the binary options industry and that organized crime in the country has been massively enriched and strengthened as a result of law enforcement’s failure for many years to grasp the vastness of the problem. Read more

Israeli Crime Syndicate Killed Police Informant Under Supervisors’ Noses

A police informant who infiltrated an organized crime family in Rehovot was allegedly murdered by the mobsters last month, despite his police supervisors being just a few hundred meters away at the time of the shooting. Read more

Israeli Mafia: Karine Abutbul Suspected of Helping Hide Missing Body

Israel Police on Sunday arrested Karine Abutbul, the wife of crime boss Asi Abutbul, on suspicion that she helped hide the body of criminal Moshe Hadas 17 years ago. Read more