Lebanon Arrests Iraqi Claiming To Be Israeli Spy

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported on Saturday that an Iraqi citizen arrested in Lebanon two months ago is suspected of collaborating with Israeli security officials and was even asked to gather information about the whereabouts of Israeli navigator Ron Arad, who was captured in October 1986 and is now presumed dead. Read more

Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Loses Challenge To US Parole Conditions

A judge on Thursday refused to ease parole conditions for freed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard so he can begin work as a financial analyst. Read more

US Intelligence Community: Pollard Could Still Cause Damage With What He Knows

WASHINGTON – The US intelligence community favors continued restrictions on Jonathan Pollard, arguing that the one-time spy for Israel could still damage U.S. interests by revealing methods and identifying characteristics of US assets. Read more

Beirut – Israeli ‘Spy Bird’ Returned Safely After Being Captured In Lebanon

Beirut – In a discrete operation carried out by Lebanon in conjunction with UN forces, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority [INPA]said Friday that the Israeli “spy vulture” it had been monitoring was return into their custody. Read more

Israeli ‘Spy Vulture’ Captured In South Lebanon

Citizens from the town of Bint Jbeil in south Lebanon were surprised to discover on Tuesday morning a vulture carrying Israeli spy equipment, Lebanese media reported. Read more