4 NYPD Officers, 2 Others Charged In Corruption Probe

Three members of the NYPD were busted Monday morning for taking payoffs including a free hooker — in exchange for doing favors for a deep-pocketed fund-raiser for Mayor de Blasio. Read more

4 NYPD Officials Busted In De Blasio Fundraising FBI Probe

Four NYPD officials were busted Monday morning as part of the sweeping federal corruption probe rocking the police department and Mayor de Blasio’s office, law enforcement. Read more

‘F**D’ NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant Files For Retirement Amid FBI Investigation

An NYPD commander under investigation in a sprawling corruption probe filed for early retirement Monday the same day he was forced to answer questions from the Internal Affairs Bureau. Read more

NYPD Officials Had Sex With A Prostitute on Private Jet

NYPD officials had sex with a prostitute dressed as a flight attendant during at least one trip on a private plane paid for by a businessman at the heart of a federal probe into police corruption. Read more

NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant Used Judaism To Curry Favor With Jeremy Reichberg

Disgraced Deputy Inspector James Grant was so cozy with his pals in the Orthodox Jewish community that he kept a mezuzah on his office doorpost even though he isn’t Jewish. Read more

F–KED NYPD Cop’s Wife Part-Tony Soprano Reality TV Star

The wife of a NYPD cop at the centre of a corruption probe is a legal tutor who describes herself as a combination of Tony Soprano and a ‘whip cracking’, ‘tough-talking New Yorker’. Read more

Calling It Not A Good Day For NYPD, Bratton Get More Heads Rolling After Cop Link To Police Buffs Investigation

New York – The NYPD has put on modified assignment and transferred four top officials in connection with an investigation into whether officers accepted free trips and other perks from Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish communities. Read more

NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, With Ties To Reichberg Stripped Of Badge And Gun

The head of an Upper East Side police precinct with close ties to the Jewish community was stripped of his badge and gun this morning and placed on modified duty. Read more

NYPD Inspector James Grant Investigation By FBI: I’m F–KED

The current boss of the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct accepted diamonds and cash from one of the businessmen at the center of a federal investigation. Read more