Africa-Israel USA and NYPD Corruption Case

The FBI currently proceeds to the investigation related to the corruption of NYPD officers who, inter alia, were corrupted by a certain Jona Rechnitz who is (or was) an employee of Lev – Leviev’s company Africa-Israel USA. Read more

NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri Was Cooperating With Corruption Probe Before Suicide

An NYPD commander was cooperating with authorities as part of a wide-ranging corruption probe before fatally shooting himself, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Monday. Read more

FBI Investigating Including Big-Time De Blasio Donors

The businessmen at the center of a federal corruption probe of NYPD cops have deep financial ties to Mayor de Blasio with one of them having sent tens of thousands of dollars Hizzoner’s way, sources and records revealed. Read more