Women Sue Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch

Two women who attempted to pray at the Western Wall are suing the Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Israel Police for NIS 100,000 after they were subjected to a physical search before being allowed into the site. Read more

Jerusalem Synagogue Desecrated

A synagogue in the heart of Jerusalem was vandalized overnight, with graffiti of large black crosses spray painted across the entrance. Read more

Israeli Woman Forced To Return Haredi Son To Non-Jewish Father

An Israeli woman who is accused of kidnapping her son while he was staying with his non-Jewish father in Belgium in 2006 gave up the boy in exchange for immunity for her accomplices. Read more

Jerusalem Police: 14 Arrested Over Jerusalem Car Bomb Case

Jerusalem police have arrested 14 suspects in connection to a car bomb on July 27, which went off on Keren Hayesod Street, in a residential neighborhood of Jerusalem. Read more

K9 Unit Thwarts Bomb Attack In Jerusalem

A police dog on Friday saved the lives of Border Police officers at a checkpoint in the northeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya, as it sniffed out a pipe bomb that was meant to murder the soldiers. Read more

Jerusalem – Haredi Man Arrested For Allegedly Spitting on Girl Wearing Pants

Jerusalem police on Sunday arrested a Haredi man, who is about 40 years old, after he spat on a 15-year-old girl because she was supposedly not dressed modestly enough. Read more