Extremists Hang Faux Haredi IDF Soldiers

Members of the Eida Haharedit extremist haredi group, which does not recognize the Zionist state, hanged dummies dressed as haredi soldiers in Jerusalem during the Purim holiday on Monday. Read more

Israel – Four Police Officers Suspected of Sexual Assault

A commander of a Jerusalem District police station, his deputy, and two other police officers were questioned following suspicion that they sexually assaulted a female janitor. Read more

Kosher Savings Option Proves Mixed Blessing For Ultra Orthodox Parents

Pashkevilim the posters plastered on walls and fences in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, which typically publicize rabbinical decrees, or moral or halakhic exhortations  have taken an unusual turn into the world of finance in recent weeks. Read more

Authorities Crack Down on ‘Modesty Police’ In Jerusalem

Authorities in Jerusalem arrested two men Monday morning in an apparent crackdown on a vigilante “modesty squad” which has operated for years in the capital’s haredi neighborhoods. Read more

Rabbis Deny Battered Woman’s Divorce Plea: Husband Only Hit Her Because She Wanted To Leave

Rabbinical judges in Jerusalem last week rejected a motion for divorce filed by a battered woman, saying that her husband had only resorted to violence because she wanted to divorce him. Read more

Jerusalem – Ilan Shmuel Jailed For 27 Years For Raping Six Girls

A former chauffeur of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sentenced to 27 years in prison on Sunday for raping six underage girls, some of them related to him.  Read more

ISIS In The Heart of Jerusalem

She praised him. Praised and lauded him, not despite but rather because he had sacrificed his life to murder four Israeli Jews and wound roughly a dozen more. Read more

4 Dead As Truck Plows Into Troops In Jerusalem

An Israel Police spokesman has reported at least 4 killed and 15 injured after a truck rammed into pedestrians in the Armon HaNetziv neighborhood in Jerusalem. Read more

Vehicular Ramming Attack In Armon HaNatziv, Jerusalem

A truck hit and wounded several pedestrians adjacent to the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem on Sunday, according to initial reports. Read more