French Intellectuals Accuse Authorities of Covering Up Jewish Woman’s Murder

A European Parliament member and 17 prominent French intellectuals protested the omission of anti-Semitism from a draft indictment of a Muslim man for the murder of his Jewish neighbor. Read more

Muslim Suspect In Brutal Murder of French-Jewish Woman May Not Be Tried

A Muslim man suspected in the violent murder of an elderly French-Jewish woman in Paris in early April may not face murder charges, as claims that he was not in his right mind when he committed the act are being considered. Read more

Jerusalem – Justin Bieber Concert Sends Orthodox Woman Into Labor

justin Bieber’s first song of his Tel Aviv concert was enough to send one 23-year old concert goer into labor. But to be fair, the ultra-Orthodox woman was three weeks overdue. Read more

Muslim Man Comes To Rescue Of Jewish Woman After She Was Assaulted In Midwood, Brooklyn

A brave Muslim high school student helped cops bust a homeless sicko who randomly slammed his open hand into an Orthodox Jewish woman’s face on a Brooklyn subway train Tuesday night, officials said. Read more

Jerusalem Muslim Suspected of Raping Woman In Maternity Ward

A resident of eastern Jerusalem’s Anata neighborhood was arrested on Saturday on suspicion he sexually assaulted a woman at the maternity ward of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the capital, police said Sunday morning. Read more

Good Samaritans Rescue Lakewood Baby Left In Parked Car While Orthodox Jewish Mom Shopped

HOWELL — Steve Eckel cleared out his car for a shopping trip Monday, but left one item behind: a sledgehammer. Read more

Satmar Decree Bars Women From Higher Education

Hasidic rabbis from the Satmar sect reportedly have issued a decree barring women from pursuing higher education. Read more

Jewish Woman’s Funeral Had No Attendees, So 30 Strangers Showed Up

ORANGETOWN, N.Y. — About 30 people have paid their respects to a woman they never met after responding to a call for attendees for a suburban New York funeral at which no one was expected to show up. Read more

Israeli Rabbis Challenge Clergyman Who Converted Ivanka Trump To Judaism

The Israeli Chief Rabbinate cuts slack to no one, not even if you are the daughter of a man who may become the next president of the United States. Read more