Over $1M In Heroin Found Stashed With Dog In Crate

Two men were nabbed for turning man’s best friend into a drug mule when they shipped more than $1 million worth of heroin stashed in a dog crate that held a live pooch​, authorities announced Monday. Read more

Hacker Suspect In JCC Bomb Threats Forced Delta Flight Emergency Landing In New York

A conversation with the American Delta Air Lines reveals that the Israeli arrested on suspicion of making hundreds of bomb threats to Jewish community centers around the world, is also suspected of causing a forced emergency landing in JFK airport in New York in early 2015. Read more

New York – 11 People Pass Through Unmanned JFK Airport Security Checkpoint

Eleven people walked through an unscreened security lane at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Monday morning and apparently boarded flights, authorities said. Read more

Customs officer busted for letting drug smugglers through JFK airport inspections

NEW YORK — A customs agent at Kennedy Airport has been arrested in a scheme to help two drug couriers sneak 45 kilos of cocaine past screeners. Read more

Hasidic Men Save Arab Woman on Plane

Jew in the City, a small site that works to fight stereotypes, has reported an unusual incident: After an Arab woman collapsed on a trans-Atlantic flight, two hasidic Jews came to the rescue and administered first aid. Read more

New York – HSBC Forex Executive Arrested By FBI At JFK Airport

New York – A senior manager at HSBC has been arrested in New York and charged along with a former foreign exchange executive for engaging in a scheme to defraud one of the bank’s clients in a $3.5 billion currency transaction. Read more