Police Search For Possible Link In False Shooting Reports At JFK and LAX Airports

Law enforcement in New York and Los Angeles are checking whether recent gunfire scares at JFK and LAX were coordinated attempts to “test the system” and see how authorities respond to such situations. Read more

Was TWA Flight 800’s Fiery Crash Part of A Massive Cover-Up?

On Wednesday, July 17, 1996, at 8:19 p.m., TWA Flight 800 took off from JFK airport and headed out over Long Island toward Paris. It was a perfect summer night, 70 degrees, the sky clear. Read more

Security Breach: 150 on Flight From Mexico Allowed To Skip Customs, Leave JFK Airport

Officials allowed passengers arriving from Mexico to skip customs and leave John F. Kennedy airport without having their passports or bags checked – days after ISIS threatened an attack on New York City. Read more

TSA Failing To Detect Weapons, Bombs At NY Airports

Security screeners at Kennedy and Newark airports have consistently failed to find weapons and bombs being smuggled by undercover operatives posing as airline passengers, The Post has learned, lapses made all the more alarming by the Paris terror attacks. Read more

TSA Screener At JFK Airport Charged With Stealing $7,000 Diamond Watch

A former Transportation Safety Administration screener at Kennedy Airport has been arrested and charged with stealing a $7,000 diamond watch from a passenger last month, authorities said Friday. Read more

2 Arrested After Fight With Pepper Spray On JetBlue Flight At JFK

Police say six people were injured and two are in custody after a slashing on a plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport Wednesday morning. Read more

Kuwait Airways Pilot Flying From Heathrow To NYC ‘Invites Ex-Porn Star Chloe Khan Into Cockpit

An airline captain who calls himself the ‘naughty pilot’ invited a glamour model into his cockpit to let her play with the plane’s controls, it’s been claimed. Read more

Nearly 500 Uber Cars Taken From New York City Streets For Illegal Pickups

New York – Nearly 500 Uber cars were removed from the city’s streets between April and June for making illegal pickups. Read more