Glencore Buys Out Dan Gertler With $1 Billion Congo Deal

Geneva – Mining giant Glencore said Monday it had struck a deal worth nearly $1 billion to purchase shares of two mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo from a controversial Israeli magnate. Read more

Israeli Secret Service Involved In Volkswagen Diesel Scandal

Yuval Diskin, the former head of Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence service, played an important role in the Volkswagen diesel scandal, according to a report in WirtschaftsWoche. Read more

Facebook, DA Argue Over Constitutionality of Search Warrants

In an important court case over digital privacy, Facebook will attempt to protect user data of 9/11 responders who, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, have defrauded the US Social Security Administration. Read more

Le Pen With Trump: ‘Israelis Are Banned From Muslim Countries As Well’

hree months before the French presidential elections, in which the polls predict that Marine Le Pen is set to reach a glorious achievement by making it to the second and final round, Le Pen is setting the mark on the style of her administration. Read more

FLOOD CNN: Let The Network Know That You Support Trump’s America Safe Policy

CNN has issued a request for stories from people about how President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions have impacted their lives. Read more

How Prescription Drugs Are Converted To Illegal Drugs

It’s difficult enough to deal with the pressures of being a teenager in today’s world, but when you start adding the supply of prescription drugs made easily available within our Yeshiva’s and school systems, then we need to open our eyes to new ways of protecting our children from harm’s way. Read more

Beny Steinmetz Hires Yehuda Weinstein and Alan Dershowitz

Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz is suspected of paying tens of millions of dollars as a bribe to the Guinean president. Read more

A Personal Statement By Joe Levin

The life of Private Consulting rarely holds a “typical or glamourous day’, especially when my clients consist of worldwide companies and individuals in search of truth and answers to their upmost private and personal problems. Read more

Swiss Government Hiding BDS Funding

The NGO Monitor research institute and a Swiss resident submitted a request under the Freedom of Information act to obtain the financial reports and accounting reports concerning various BDS organizations. Read more