Beny Steinmetz To Be Questioned In Geneva Over Guinea Bribery

Swiss prosecutors will question Beny Steinmetz in Geneva amid an inquiry into allegations of bribery involving a $20 billion mining project in the Simandou hills in the west African country of Guinea. Read more

Gulnara Karimova Questioned By Swiss Prosecutors

The elder daughter of Uzbekistan’s late President Islam Karimov was questioned recently over money-laundering accusations by Swiss prosecutors while under house arrest in Tashkent, according to a lawyer who attended the meetings. Read more

Dan Gertler Is There A Future In Congo?

“Nothing happens in Congo without Dan Gertler and Gertler can do nothing without playing the Israeli card,” said an advisor to an international mining conglomerate. Read more

Israel Police Say Talks Fail With Tycoon Beny Steinmetz on Posting Bond

Israel Police said on Thursday that after a week of negotiations they were unable to reach an agreement on the terms of a bond to be deposited by the billionaire Beny Steinmetz to ensure he doesn’t send assets out of the country while he is under investigation. Read more

Algeria Claims Israeli Spy Network Uncovered

Arab media outlets reported on Friday that an international spy network operating for Israel was uncovered in Algeria. Read more

Goodluck Jonathan Named In Italian $1.3B Malabu Oil Fraud

Lagos – Italian prosecutors have alleged that Nigeria’s former president Goodluck Jonathan and his oil minister received kickbacks as part of a $1.3 billion deal involving oil giants ENI and Shell. Read more

Terror Fears Driving Jews Out of France

Call it the French Rejection.

More than 5,000 French Jews pulled up stakes and moved to Israel in the past year following a spike in anti-Semitism and terrorism fears, according to a new report. Read more

Who Is Bibi’s Friend Arnon Milchan?

Before it was disclosed on Sunday that Yediot Aharonot publisher Noni short for Arnon Mozes was the Israeli mystery man involved in corruption allegations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there was another important Arnon who, according to media reports, was intricately involved. Read more