Jona Rechnitz Lured Diamond Dealer Into Ponzi Scheme

A government witness in the now-defunct probe of Mayor Bill de Blasio recruited several prominent and wealthy New Yorkers into ​a​ Ponzi scheme ​whose accused mastermind goes on trial this month. Read more

Key Witness In NYPD Corruption Probe Was An Alleged ‘Loan Shark’

The government’s key witness in multiple corruption probes was a part-time “loan shark” who made money doling out predatory loans, court documents alleged on Tuesday. Read more

NYPD Cops Accused of Accepting Bribes Hope De Blasio Ruling Bails Them Out

The NYPD cops accused of providing favors in exchange for bribes are gearing up for a massive motion to dismiss their case — citing the same US Supreme Court ruling that helped save Mayor de Blasio from prosecution and which could force new trials for disgraced politicians Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos. Read more

Feds Continue Probing Public Official’s Pal For Corruption

Manhattan federal prosecutors continue to investigate a public official with ties to real-estate-investor-turned-government-snitch Jona Rechnitz, unsealed court documents show. Read more

Key NYPD Corruption Witness Throws Pal Under The Bus

Jona Rechnitz, the government key cooperator in an NYPD-corruption probe, told the feds that his former businessman pal Jeremy Reichberg was with him every step of the way as he bribed city officials. Read more

Jona Rechnitz Pleads Guilty To Giving Cash For NYC Official

A major donor to Mayor de Blasio has secretly pleaded guilty to making campaign donations to public officials in exchange for official action. Read more

How Two Orthodox Jews Sparked New York’s Worst Scandal In Decades

On the face of it Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, two Orthodox Jews from New York, made for an unlikely pair of hustlers. Read more

Feds Find Audio Recordings Made By Shomrim Leader

The feds have uncovered a trove of audio recordings that capture “dealings of questionable legality” by members of the NYPD raising the specter of more arrests in a bribery probe. Read more

Jona Rechnitz Spotted At World Series

The feds’ key witness in the NYPD corruption scandal was living it up at the World Series where a TV camera caught him rooting for the Cleveland Indians in a prime seat behind home plate at Wrigley Field Sunday night. Read more

Norman Seabrook Showered Execs With ‘Luxury Gifts,’ Suit Says

Correction union execs weren’t keeping an eye on now-indicted ex-president Norman Seabrook when he invested pension money in a “Ponzi scheme” because he had long showered them with gifts such as cars, a new lawsuit alleges. Read more