New York – US Court Urged To Relax Convicted Israeli Spy’s Parole Conditions

New York – A lawyer for Jonathan Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer who served 30 years in prison after being convicted of spying for Israel, on Wednesday urged a U.S. appeals court to loosen his parole conditions. Read more

Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Loses Challenge To US Parole Conditions

A judge on Thursday refused to ease parole conditions for freed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard so he can begin work as a financial analyst. Read more

Jonathan Pollard To US Court: ‘Vindictive’ Parole Conditions Because I Want To Live In Israel

The conditions for Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard’s parole from prison are arbitrary, vindictive and would not prevent him from disclosing classified information if he remembered any after 30 years, his lawyers said in a submission to a New York court Thursday. Read more

US Intelligence Community: Pollard Could Still Cause Damage With What He Knows

WASHINGTON – The US intelligence community favors continued restrictions on Jonathan Pollard, arguing that the one-time spy for Israel could still damage U.S. interests by revealing methods and identifying characteristics of US assets. Read more

Jonathan Pollard Lawyers Mock US Intel Chief’s Warning That Ex-Spy Still Poses Threat

US director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s support for strict parole conditions for Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard faced mockery by his attorneys, in a letter that was revealed over the weekend. Read more

James Clapper: Jonathan Pollard Still Holds ‘Top Secret’ Info, May Never Be Allowed To Leave US

The information Jonathan Pollard obtained while spying for Israel in the 1980s continues to be deemed “top secret,” and could still cause real damage to American national security, Channel 10 reported Friday, citing a written statement by US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Read more

Judge Orders Review of Pollard’s Parole Conditions

A judge on Monday ordered a federal commission to provide further justification for subjecting Jonathan Pollard to restrictive probation conditions following his release last month from prison after 30 years, Reuters reports. Read more

Free? Jonathan Pollard Under Dusk To Dawn Curfew

Eliot Lauer, who serves as attorney for freed spy Jonathan Pollard, revealed Monday that the parole board has determined that Pollard is to remain under a house curfew lasting from 7 PM to 7 AM every day. Read more

New York Daily News: Calls To Lift Restrictions on Jonathan Pollard

Israeli media is abuzz after the New York Daily News published an editorial Sunday, echoing calls from the Jewish state to lift restrictions on the parole of newly-released captive Jonathan Pollard. Read more

Report: Anne Pollard, Jonathan’s First Wife, Is Suing Israel For Millions

Anne Pollard, the first wife of Jonathan Pollard, who was freed on Friday after serving thirty years in a US prison for spying for Israel, is suing the Israeli government for millions of dollars, Channel 10 reported Sunday. The report did not mention the specific amount being claimed. Read more