Joseph Gutnick Defends Rabbi Loan In Bankruptcy Case

Bankrupt former mining magnat­e Joseph Gutnick has defended­ the honour of his spiritual leader, the late Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and the value of work done for one of his companies by his wife in a day of often torrid testimony before the Federal Court. Read more

Joseph Gutnick and Son Mordechai Gutnick Links To US Fund In The Spotlight

Merlin Diamonds has been ordered to explain the relationship between its founder, bankrupt mining magnate Joe Gutnick, his son, Mordechai Gutnick, and a mysterious New York fund that owns 11 per cent of the company. Read more

Joseph Gutnick Diamond Shares Frozen

The Takeovers Panel has frozen shares in Merlin Diamonds held by the family of bankrupt mining magnate Joseph Gutnick, New York investment fund Regals and others after allegations of collusion at a shareholder meeting in September. Read more

Joseph Gutnick $87M Asset Transfer To Sister’s Firm Probed

Liquidators of bankrupt mining magnate Joe Gutnick’s failed Legend International are investigating the transfer of phosphate deposits worth up to $87 million to a company controlled by his sister and nephew as the group teetered on the brink of collapse in April. Read more

Joseph Gutnick Files For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy trustees face a daunting task as they seek to verify $275 million worth of debts declared by Melbourne mining identity Joe Gutnick, who declared himself bankrupt on Friday following a bruising legal stoush with an ­Indian fertiliser company. Read more

Joseph Gutnick Hits Financial ‘Tough Times’ Amid $55M Lawsuit

MINING magnate Joseph Gutnick has admitted he’s in financial strife amid a $55 million lawsuit and claims he has struggled recently to even pay the rent. Read more

Indian Fertiliser Co-op Sues Joe Gutnick and Co For $55.5M

“Diamond Joe” Gutnick and his a company in which he is a director are being sued by India’s largest fertiliser collective for a combined payment of $US40.4 million ($55.6 million) plus interest over a 2008 deal to set up an entity to take on Incitec Pivot. Read more