Wikileaks Founder Assange: ‘Our Source Is Not The Russian Government’

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange denied Thursday that hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta were stolen and passed to his organization by Russian state actors. Read more

WikiLeaks Releases Evidence Proving That Julian Assange Was Framed

A former Icelandic minister has claimed that the FBI attempted to frame Julian Assange during a mission to Iceland. Read more

Julian Assange Questioned By Prosecutors At Ecuador’s Embassy In London

A senior Swedish prosecutor has begun interviewing Julian Assange at Ecuador’s embassy in London, six years after he was accused of rape by a woman in Stockholm. Read more

Ecuador Admits It Cut off Julian Assange’s Internet After Clinton Leaks

LONDON — Ecuador’s government has acknowledged that it has “temporarily restricted” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s internet access at its embassy in London after the whistleblowing site published documents from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Read more

Pam Anderson Brings Vegan Food To Julian Assange

LONDON — Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has brought WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange a vegan meal and expressed concern for his health. Read more

Wikilist Founder: A Surprise Is Coming

WikiLeaks media organization celebrated ten years of activity during a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday, with an announcement that a new batch of documents will be released over the next two months. This batch specifically targets the US government and Google. Read more

Swedish Court Upholds Julian Assange Arrest Warrant

Julian Assange has had another setback in his legal stand-off with Sweden after a request to lift an arrest warrant for the WikiLeaks founder over a 2010 rape accusation was rejected. Read more

Date Set For Questioning of Julian Assange Over Rape Allegation

Ecuador has set a date for the questioning of Julian Assange over a Swedish rape allegation, a move that could end a four-year-long deadlock ever since the WikiLeaks founder took refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy. Read more

London – UK Police Removed From WikiLeaks Founder’s Embassy Refuge After 3 Years

Scotland Yard has called off its multimillion pound 24-hour surveillance of the Ecuadorian embassy where Julian Assange has been living for 40 months, having decided the operation is “no longer proportionate”. Read more