Jewish Family Near Hevron Saved By Gog Who Bit Terrorist

An Arab terrorist infiltrated into the Mor Farm located in the Mount Hebron region, at approximately 4 PM on Wednesday, according to the IDF. Read more

NY Senator Schumer: Put More Dogs On The Airport Security Line

Washington – U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is urging the Transportation Security Administration to put more dogs on the passenger-screening line to reduce long delays for travelers going through security at New York City airports. Read more

The CIA ‘Inadvertently Left’ Explosive Material In School Bus After K-9 Drill

The Central Intelligence Agency accidentally left stable “explosive training material” in a school bus last week after concluding a routine training exercise. Read more

Dutch Try and Fail To Stop Export of K9 Dogs To Israel

The government in the Netherlands attempted to ban the export of dogs to Israel, claiming that the IDF uses them as “weapons,” but was unable to find a legal means to do so. Read more

Baltimore Woman Says Drug-Sniffing Dog Detected Her Cancer

A Baltimore woman’s lung cancer is in remission after she said her dog tipped her off about the disease and compelled her to visit the doctor’s office. Read more

Stockton Police: Officer, K-9 Followed Procedure In Violent Arrest Video

STOCKTON — A disturbing video of a police arrest involving a K-9 is raising questions whether it’s a case of excessive force. Read more