Israeli Murdered Outside Kiev Synagogue

An Israeli man was reportedly found murdered outside a synagogue in the Ukrainian capital, local media reported Thursday. Read more

Ukrainian colonel killed by car bomb in Kiev

A colonel in Ukraine’s military intelligence has been killed by a car bomb in central Kiev, the defence ministry said, describing the incident as a “terrorist act”. Read more

Influential Ukrainian Politician Detained In Graft Probe

MOSCOW – Ukrainian investigators are preparing to ask a court to arrest an influential former lawmaker suspected of embezzlement, a second senior political figure to have been detained in the former Soviet republic in less than two months. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Man Holds Up Plane Over TV Screens

A plane was delayed for over an hour on Thursday when an ultra-Orthodox man complained about a movie shown on the screen and refused to take his seat. Read more

Israeli Flag Ripped From Israeli Restaurant In Kiev

A young man in the Ukraine was recorded on CCTV camera removing an Israeli flag waving atop an Israeli restaurant which recently opened in the Ukraine’s capital Kiev. Read more

Ukraine Journalist Pavel Sheremet Killed In A Car Explosion In Kiev

MOSCOW — A prominent journalist was killed in a car bombing in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, on Wednesday, sending shockwaves through the Ukrainian journalist community that was shaped by the gruesome killing of the publication’s founder 16 years ago. Read more

Haredi Couple From Israel Caught With Drugs In Ukraine

Ukrainian police arrested an ultra-Orthodox couple from Israel at Kiev’s Boryspil Airport after finding more than two pounds of marijuana in their luggage. Read more