Massive Kashrut Fraud Exposed

Police are investigating a case of massive kashrut fraud in northern Israel. Read more

More Business Go Kosher For Financial Reasons

It certainly didn’t take very long. Mere months after its whirlwind introduction to our lives, the phrase “religionization” has undergone the same transformation “fake news” has—it was completely and forcibly stripped of its meaning. Read more

Israel – Kosher’ And Non-kosher Meat Products Made In Same Factory Under Jerusalem Rabbinate Supervision

A severe incident of kashrut fraud has come to light in which meat that in all likelihood was not kosher was used to make processed meat products such as sausages, salamis and cold cuts with a kashrut license from the Jerusalem Rabbinate. Read more

Israeli Rabbis Order Some Trump Vodka off The Shelves

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has ordered a rogue batch of Trump Vodka of the shelves, saying it was not properly certified as kosher. Read more

Is Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Kosher? Depends Who’s Importing It

All Paneco wants to do is import Jack Daniel’s Black Label Tennessee whiskey certified as kosher, but it’s encountered a situation that even the sharpest rabbinical minds can’t seem to solve. Read more

Trump’s Ex-Wife Marla Maples, Keeps Kosher and Shabbat

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples is a Christian who keeps the Jewish Sabbath and eats kosher. Read more

New York – Starbucks Cholov Yisroel Test In Ten Stores Greeted With Enthusiasm

New York – Ten days after the changeover to exclusively Cholov yisroel products at ten Starbucks locations in the metropolitan New York area, stores are reporting that it is business as usual at the popular chain, with positive feedback coming in from coffee lovers. Read more

Some Trump Vodka, Popular As kosher For Passover, May Not Be Kosher

Trump Vodka is one of perhaps a dozen products carrying the moniker of Republican front-runner Donald Trump that have fallen by the wayside through the years, a point his critics charge undermines his business reputation. Read more

Ex Porn Star and Supermodel Fight Over Kosher Food on Big Brother

The expletives flew freely in a squabble over kosher food between former porn star Jenna Jameson and Janice Dickinson, a former supermodel on British reality show Celebrity Big Brother. Read more