Rabbis Arrested For Fraud Sent To House Arrest

The four rabbis from various Israeli cities whom police arrested today, Wednesday, on suspicions of fraudulently obtaining police “fitness certificates,” that testify to a criminal-free past and would enable them to qualify for the post of “City Rabbi,” have been sent to house arrest with limiting conditions. Read more

Ex-Minister Eliezer Sandberg Named As Suspect In Widening Submarines Probe

A former minister and associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was named Monday as a suspect in the ongoing and ever-expanding corruption investigation into the multi-million-dollar purchase of naval vessels from Germany. Read more

Beny Steinmetz Suspected of A 6M Euro Bribery Cache

Police suspect six million euro served as “petty cash” for billionaire business magnate Beny Steinmetz for bribery deals he was allegedly involved in. Read more

Police Nab Man Suspected of Blackmailing Israeli Bank

The Israel police arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of extortion against one of the largest banks in Israel, as well as several other large companies. Read more

Italian Jets, and The Israelis Who Profited From A $2.8B Deal

In 2012, Israel agreed to buy 30 training jets from the Italian air force. The last plane was delivered a year ago. Read more

CoinDash Reports $7M Hack To Cyber Security Investigators of “Israeli FBI”

CoinDash, the cryptocurrency social trading and portfolio management platform, has reported to Lahav 443 the hacking attack on its ICO, which cost investors over $7 million in Ethereum. Read more

Gal Hirsch Investigated Again By Lahav 433

Gal Hirsch, who was set to be the next police commissioner and is suspected of bribery and money laundering in Georgia, arrived Sunday for further investigation. Read more

Israel Police To Question Aryeh Deri For Second Time In Graft Probe

Iterior Minister Aryeh Deri is to be questioned under caution for a second time on Monday, a week after he was interrogated for a marathon 11 hours over a slew of corruption allegations. Read more

Israel Police: 14 Suspects Detained In Aryeh Deri Tax Investigation

Police detained 14 suspects related to an undeclared income and assets scandal involving Chairman of Shas and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, along with his wife, Yaffa. Read more

Israel Police Grill Lawmaker Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

A lawmaker from the right-wing Jewish Home party was being questioned under caution by police on Sunday as part of an ongoing inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment against him. Read more