Fake Cell Towers Give Law Enforcement Tech Power To Fight Crime

An electronic device that tricks cellphones into revealing a user’s location is becoming a key weapon for law enforcement in its battle against drug traffickers, terror suspects and other dangerous criminals — but its potential misuse against innocent Americans and the secrecy surrounding which agencies have the devices is of growing concern by civil liberties watchdogs and lawmakers. Read more

Jewish Federation of Cleveland Teaming Up With Law Enforcement For Training Exercises

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – The Jewish Federation of Cleveland is teaming up with local and federal law enforcement agencies for a live training exercise. Read more

NYC Law Enforcement: Criminals Say Apple Encryption A ‘Gift From God’

New York – Police and prosecutors in New York City said Thursday that the top-notch encryption technology on Apple mobile phones is now routinely hindering criminal investigations. Read more

Twitter, Law Enforcement Investigate Alleged Islamic State Threats

Washington – Twitter Inc and law enforcement authorities are investigating alleged threats made by Islamic State militants against the social media network’s co-founder and other employees, the company said in reaction to media reports. Read more