French FM meets Hezbollah lawmakers in Lebanon

The Foreign Ministry in Israel is fuming following a visit by French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to Lebanon, during which he reportedly met with Hezbollah parliamentarians. Read more

Gen. Hossein Salami: There Are 100,000 Missiles Ready To Strike Israel

The deputy commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard declared Friday that there are tens of thousands of missiles in Lebanon ready to strike Israel. Read more

Hezbollah Is Now A Full-Fledged Army, Thanks Partially To Russia

Pictures being published from time to time by Hezbollah tell a great deal about its role in the fighting in Syria. Read more

Lebanon Will Become Refugee State In Next Hezbollah War, Says IDF Intel Chief

Lebanon will become a “state of refugees” from which it will be difficult to recover if there is another war between Israel and Hezbollah, a senior IDF intelligence general said Wednesday. Read more

Israel – Chopper That Crossed Into Lebanon ‘Could Have Been Shot Down’

A private helicopter that flew from Kiryat Shemona to Nahariya Sunday failed to fly on its approved course along the northern border, and instead flew in a straight line – thus spending a long time in Lebanese airspace. Read more

Russia’s Military Intelligence Chief Killed In Secret Operation In Lebanon

The Head of Russia’s military intelligence service, Colonel-General Igor Sergun, was killed in January during a secret mission in the Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, the Lebanese daily newspaper al-Akhbar reported Thursday. Read more

Hezbollah At Center of Storm After Saudis Freeze Billions In Aid To Lebanon

Beirut: Saudi Arabia announced on Friday it is halting deals worth $4 billion aimed at equipping and supporting Lebanese security forces, a possible retaliation for the tiny nation’s siding with Iran amid the kingdom’s spat with the country. Read more

Beirut – Israeli ‘Spy Bird’ Returned Safely After Being Captured In Lebanon

Beirut – In a discrete operation carried out by Lebanon in conjunction with UN forces, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority [INPA]said Friday that the Israeli “spy vulture” it had been monitoring was return into their custody. Read more

In The Next War, Hezbollah Could Down Israeli Planes

A senior IDF source has revealed grim predictions concerning the threats facing Israel along its northern border. Read more

Israeli ‘Spy Vulture’ Captured In South Lebanon

Citizens from the town of Bint Jbeil in south Lebanon were surprised to discover on Tuesday morning a vulture carrying Israeli spy equipment, Lebanese media reported. Read more