Vishnitz Girls School In London Faces Closure After Refusal To Teach About LGBT Issues

A girls’ Orthodox Jewish day school in London is in trouble with Britain’s educations standards office for failing to teach its students about LGBT issues. Read more

Jewish Marchers Banned From Chicago LGBTQ March

A parade in Chicago celebrating the lesbian community banned three Jewish women carrying Jewish Pride flags. Read more

How A Satmar Hasidic Rabbi Came Out As Trans Woman

NEW YORK – Abby Stein is almost certainly the only ordained Hasidic rabbi who is also a woman. Read more

Leftists, LGBT Activists Target Jerusalem Chief Rabbi

Leftists, LGBT activists, and members of the Reform movement are planning to demonstrate against Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar on Sunday in response to his recent comments on Reform Jews and homosexuals. Read more

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Calls LGBT Community ‘Cult of Abomination’

Chief Sephardi Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Amar spoke out harshly against Reform Jews and the LGBT community. Read more

Jewish Journalist Abused on Social Media Over LGBT-Book Tweet

Police have launched an investigation after a Jewish journalist was subjected to antisemitic abuse for tweeting that he had read a pro-LGBT story book to his nieces. Read more

Group Of Israeli Orthodox Rabbis Urges Greater Acceptance Of Homosexuals

In an unusual move, a body of Orthodox rabbis on Sunday night took a step toward encouraging the acceptance of homosexuals within their communities. Read more

‘Gay Rabbi’ Ron Yosef Arrested

Ron Yosef, an openly gay Orthodox rabbi and leader of the HOD organization seeking to provide a framework for homosexual religious Jews stay within Judaism, was arrested on Sunday over suspicions of fraud and theft, NRG reported. Read more

President Obama Nominates First Openly Gay Service Secretary To Lead Army

President Barack Obama is nominating longtime Pentagon official Eric Fanning to be the Army’s new secretary. If confirmed, Fanning, a civilian, would be the nation’s first openly gay leader of a military service. Read more