Yishai Shlissel, Gay Pride Stabber Deemed Fit To Stand Trial

Two-time stabber Yishai Shlissel has been found fit to stand trial for his July attack on the Jerusalem gay pride parade, Channel 10 reports. Read more

Representatives of Ultra-Orthodox, LGBT Communities Meet In Tel Aviv

An uncommon sight greeted visitors to Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir park on Wednesday night: Several ultra-Orthodox Jews, mainly men in black suits, entered the city’s Gay Center, located within the park. On their way to a meeting on the second floor, they incurred quizzical looks from some young people who were waiting for an HIV test. The puzzlement was mutual. Read more

Jerusalem – Religious Gay Leader: Stabber Acted Alone But Had Backing Of Rabbis, MKs

Jerusalem – As Israel reels from the aftermath of the Jerusalem gay pride parade stabbing and prepares to lay to rest 16-year-old victim Shira Banki, one leader in the religious gay community says that preventing further attacks like this will require a huge change in the Israeli religious establishment. Read more

TX – Lutheran Pastor Says Jews To Blame For Destroying Christian Values After US Approves Gay Marriage

San Antonio, TX – Mark Dankof, a Lutheran pastor and political activist, declared the Jews to blame for the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday which declared any law to ban Gay marriage unconstitutional. Read more

Jewish Groups Celebrate Historic U.S. Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

How often do you get the opportunity to pack “109 years,” #LoveWins and the colors of the rainbow into 140 characters? Read more

US Reform Jewish Rabbis Install 1st Openly Lesbian Leader

NEW YORK — As a rabbinic student in 1980s New York, Denise Eger lived away from other seminarians. She quietly started a group for fellow gay and lesbian students, but held the meetings in another borough. Read more

Grand Rabbi Mayer Alter Horowitz: Gays Deserve No Rights, Just Like Murderers

A prominent American Hasidic rabbi says the LGBT community is not entitled to equal rights, just like it would be unthinkable for murderers to unite and demand rights regarding their violent tendencies. Read more