Madonna Raves and Curses

At the “Women’s March on Washington” held on Saturday in Washington, D.C., legendary pop star Madonna claimed at a she has thought an “awful” lot about blowing up the White House now that President Donald Trump lives there. Read more

Madonna’s Son Arrested In Drug Bust

Madonna’s teenage son Rocco Ritchie has been arrested in a drugs bust. Read more

Madonna Under Fire For Baring Nipples of 17-Year-old Female Concertgoer During Australian Tour

She didn’t have time to strike a pose!

Madonna continued to torpedo her “Rebel Heart” tour by exposing a young female fan in Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake fashion in Brisbane, Australia, on Thursday night. Read more

Madonna Sends Out Tu B’Shvat Greeting on Social Media

Kabbalah convert and pop star Madonna sent out an unlikely Tu Bishvat greeting on Tuesday, in the form of a cryptic Instagram photo, with the caption “Tu Bishvat … love trees” beneath it. Read more

Judge Forces Madonna’s Son To Spend Holidays With Her

Madonna’s teenage son Rocco is sick of touring with his pop-star mom, so he’s refusing to spend the holiday break with Madge at her Manhattan townhouse. Read more

Madonna, Ashton Kutcher’s Rabbi Yehuda Berg Liable For Sexual Misconduct Against Follower

Madonna and Ashton Kutcher’s rabbi was found liable for sexual misconduct against a follower. According to Jewish Business News, Kabbalah Centre International and Rabbi Yehuda Berg was sued for inflicting emotional distress on Jena Scaccetti. Read more

Madonna’s Daughter In Secret Visit To Israel

If there’s something we Israelis really like it’s a surprise visit, just like the one Madonna’s daughter has paid us. Read more

Israeli Sentenced To 14 Months In Jail For Hacking Madonna

Hacking and leaking Madonna’s unreleased recordings online does not pay, as Adi Lederman learned receiving a 14 month sentence from the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Thursday as part of a plea bargain deal following his conviction for cyber crimes against the pop singer. Read more

Madonna: I’m An Israelite

Despite her love for Kabballah, Maddona does not identify as Jewish, the pop legend told Ireland’s The Independent. Read more

Madonna Talks About Being Raped When She Was 19

Madonna on Wednesday detailed a brutal rape by a stranger that she survived when she was 19, explaining that the experience was so traumatic that she never considered reporting it. Read more